Our Team

Name TitleEmail Address
Ben HallOwner Call for details
Don SamuelVP of Productiondsamuel@kcohradio.com
Paris EleyProgramming Director paris@kcohradio.com
Ralph Cooper VP of Sports sportsrap@aol.com
Sharwin Boney Finance finance@kcohradio.com
Sabrina LottKCOH Radio Operations/KCOH TVsabrina@kcohradio.com
Lauren AbramDigital Media Specialist lauren@kcohradio.com
Earl Ballard General Sales Manager eballard@kcohradio.com
Amber ShawPromotions/On-Air Personality amber@kcohradio.com
ShowBiz Moseley On-Air Personality ShowbizMoseley@aol.com
Lady BGOn-Air Personalitylbg1000@aol.com
Michael Harris On-Air Personalityh12827@swbell.net
Jeff Boney On-Air Personalityjboney1@gmail.com
Carmen WatkinsOn-Air Personalitycwatkinsr@yahoo.com
Chris TuckerOn-Air Personalitychristiantuck@yahoo.com
Eric “Eazy” RobinsonOn-Air Personalityericrobinson99@hotmail.com
Les HolmesOn-Air Personalitylesholmes1@gmail.com
Eddie RobinsonAccount Executive e3music1@gmail.com
All FreemanAccount Executivealldfreeman@yahoo.com
Jacy Guidry Account Executivejacyg@live.com

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