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Our Terrestrial Signal saturates a large majority of the Houston/ Galveston listening area, covering an estimated 3.2 Million population

Our Web based reach through kcohradio.com is Global

Our Primary Age Demographic for listeners is Adults 25-64.

Our Secondary Age Demographic for listeners is Adults 18-49.

Over 56% of the KCOH listeners are married.

Over 30% of KCOH listeners are self-employed.

Over 41% of the KCOH listeners are managers or executives.

Over 27% of the KCOH listeners have family incomes of over $68,000/yr.

KCOH provides an unparalleled marketing platform offering advertisers a mature, affluent consumer that trusts our brand and responds to our supporters.


“When KCOH Talks …Houston Listens”

(People “Listen” and People BUY!)


Houston-based KCOH radio 1230 AM is rich in history. Established in 1953, it is one of the oldest radio stations in Texas. Since 1963, this celebrated station has been headquartered in its landmark facility in the prestigious Museum District, located minutes away from one of the largest medical complexes in the world.

For more than six decades, KCOH has hosted the who’s who of entertainment, from Janet Jackson and Ray Charles, to Muhammad Ali and Barry White.

Recognized as a front runner among radio stations, Arbitron rated KCOH Radio as being a leader in programming for its urban listeners for many years. The KCOH brand does not follow the cookie cutter format of many of the conglomerate-owned radio stations; instead it offers the many dedicated listeners a unique entre of programming from informative, educational and sometimes, gritty talk shows, to soulful timeless classics and contemporary music. This is why KCOH has earned the recent distinction of having the Highest T.S.L. (Time Spent Listening) of any radio station in the United States targeting the urban community. KCOH programming has also attracted a rapidly growing diverse population, establishing it as a true multi-cultural brand.

 KCOH Radio owes its success and longevity not only to its distinct pedigree, but also to its visionary management team, who has embraced 21st century technology to keep the KCOH brand relevant in the age of global networking and social media. As a result, KCOH programming is currently enjoyed all over the world on www.kcohradio.com, through live streams with select programming that allows viewers to listen to their favorite shows right from their smart phones! Everywhere. All the time.



When KCOH Talks…Houston Listens!!


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