Our Lineup


Monday – Friday

SHOWBIZ & COMPANY                 5AM –  8AM    (News, Entertainment, Traffic)

STARTING POINT                           8AM – 10AM    (Political News, Talk & Community Issues)

REAL TALK WITH JEFF BONEY  10AM – 11AM (A New Addition!)

PERSON TO PERSON                   11AM – 2PM   (Michael Harris returns!)

MEMORIES AND MORE                 2PM – 5PM     Award-Winning Music Show

SPORTS RAP                                  5PM – 7PM     Houston’s Only Urban Sports Talk Show



GENERATION NEXT                        5AM – 9AM      Compelling Mix of Top 40 and Oldies

THE KIDZ VIEW                                9AM – 10AM   Connecting Today, Impacting Tomorrow!

OLD SCHOOL SATURDAY             2PM – 6PM     Join Lady BG!

VOICE OF GENERATION NEXT     10AM – 11AM   KCOH Invests in The Next Generation of Broadcasters (returning soon!)



HOUSE OF PRAISE                                        5AM – 8AM  (Mix of Contemporary Christian, Gospel and Quartet Music)

POSITIVE AND INSPIRATIONAL                 8AM – 2PM  (30 min Pre-Recorded Church Programs)

SUNDAY PRAISE AND INSPIRATION         2PM -6PM   (Community Talk, City Leaders, Civic Groups)

ALL THAT JAZZ                                             6PM-12AM (Contemporary Jazz)

One Comment:

  1. The last 2 Sunday mornings you have played a sermon at 9:35 to 10AM. Who is the speaker? How can I contact him or his website?

    I like him.

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