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KCOH celebrates 60 years

One Incredible Night! April 25th 9:00 PM

One Incredible Night!
April 25th 9:00 PM

Meet and Mingle with your favorite KCOH DJ’s and radio personalities.

Join us for the KCOH Legacy Concert with the Manhattans, 

at the Bayou City Event Center 9401 Knight Rd. Houston, Texas

Doors open at 8pm 

Call today 713-522-1001


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  1. I don’t know if I am commenting in the right place but I am trying to comment on the show you aired on Sunday Oct. 12th on the Difference with Jerri Beasley. I really enjoyed the Mary Crosby and guests. I can truthfully say that these individuals are real about what they do. We need more people like them in communities willing to reach out to help others. They have so much resourceful information that can really bless relationships. Cant wait till next show!!!

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