Black History

Black men and women have been and continue to be builders and makers of history.  They have broken the bonds of ignorance and discrimination and have built schools and colleges…founded machines and discovered cures for diseases…established business and banking facilities…composed operas and symphonies…and established volumes of literature.

Historically, these hidden contributions have turned adversity into opportunity.  Each one drew upon his own strength and potential in order to survive and achieve, and left his own mark on the pages of history.  It is not ours to judge or condemn the manner in which they met the challenges of their day.  Instead, we must learn all that we can about their struggles and achievements and draw from them the wisdom we need to meet the challenges of today’s world.

In observance of Black History Month, February, KCOH Radio will present the rich history of Black America.

Salutes to famous Black Americans, plus portrait vignettes highlighting the accomplishments, achievements and contributions made by Black Americans.


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