Ben Hall Legal Hour: “Voting Rights and Your Right to Recall Elected Officials”

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Don’t miss the Ben Hall Legal Hour this Thursday (5/22)  during Starting Point  from 9am-10am!

This week’s topic will cover  voting rights and your right to recall elected officials.

Make sure to listen in to the show, call us (713-526-1230), or comment on Facebook and Twitter!

Your comments and questions will be answered live on the air.

We look forward to hearing from you on Thursday morning!


  1. I would like to thank KCOH for having the Ben Hall legal hour. I have really increased my knowledge of the law in just this short period of time. What I’d like and I’m sure other listeners would to, is to be able to hear the programs again via the archives.

  2. Hi Fred! We appreciate you for listening! This type of feedback allows for us to know what shows our listeners are enjoying most, so thank you!

    You can still go on under our “Listen Live!” link above to reach the archives. That will take you to the online player. Once there, click on the “Menu” button (lower left corner), then click on “On-demand streaming” under Streams (picture of a small microphone). That will lead you to the entire list of podcasts that we have uploaded, which is updated daily!

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