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Catch author, Carlos Wallace this Saturday morning at 9am on Healthier You! Below, is a biography on Mr. Wallace so you have more information. Make sure to listen in on Saturday about his writing!

Life Is Not ComplicateCarlos Wallace


President/CEO Sol-Caritas



Born in Jacksonville, Texas, Carlos Wallace is a 5th generation railroader and Navy veteran. A member of the American Legion, he is also a graduate of the National Labor College and Union Pacific’s elite Brakeman/Conductor school. Carlos is currently employed as a Union Pacific Engineer. Before joining UP’s workforce, he was a decorated Correction’s Officer for the Texas Department of Corrections. The local union officer and organizer helped run several political campaigns including that of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama.


Carlos Wallace is President and CEO of entertainment and philanthropy company, Sol-Caritas. Sol has produced a series of multi-city tours and events featuring stand up comics and entertainers from Houston, New York, Chicago and Los Angeles.


His critically acclaimed book  “Life Is Not Complicated, You Are: Turning Your Biggest Disappointments Into Your Greatest Blessings”, has taken the literary world by storm. Carlos uses his compelling story of triumph and tragedy to explore the value in everyday life experiences and demonstrate how every one can use his or her past to become empowered. Each chapter is filled with poignant, sometimes painful memories chronicling the loss of both his parents and grandparents before the age of 40, the harsh reality of financial ruin and the devastating effects of one of the greatest natural disasters in U.S history. Wallace reveals how he overcame those obstacles to become one of the most successful entertainment promoters and managers in the country. This cover-to-cover reflection on inner strength and endurance also tackles topics such as depression, betrayal, success and victory with sensitivity and perspective.


A dedicated philanthropist, Wallace actively supports Covenant House, the American Diabetes Association, Haiti Relief, the American Cancer Society, and Lupus Foundation of America. He provides educational scholarships through the Alice Wallace Scholarship Fund, in memory of his late mother, a respected educator.


The proud father divides his time between homes in Houston and New York.


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